Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How future will shape mobile technology

Who won’t love to play games like NFS and use applications like Photoshop, Maya on mobile devices without having to invest a bomb on the device? Very soon high speed internet on mobile devices will become a de-facto with a guaranteed uptime of near to 100%. This, I see, as a storm that will change the mobile industry killing established players who fail to foresee and evolve.

‘Install and run apps’…that’s what we all do today. Social networks, business houses and game developers have their own app that we need to install thereby consuming processing power & space on our device. For a better experience, mobile devices are being loaded with larger storage & high speed processors making them ultra-sophisticated gadget that are heavy on pocket & big loss if lost or broken.

With the high speed internet kicking in, we have an opportunity to simplify this. The idea is to empower mobile device only with primary functions like making calls, camera and connecting to internet and push all other activities to a remote computer / cloud. In short, employ virtualization for mobiles! Here’s how this can work:

+ Low processing power required on mobile device
+ Low storage space required on mobile device
+ Light weight handsets
+ Lower cost of handheld device & thereby loss on damage
+ Ability to run graphic / processor intensive applications
+ Increased battery life as energy will be spent only on receiving and transmitting screen pixel information over internet

- Completely dependent on internet connectivity